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What is Your next transition ?

Are you at a transition point in life? [Including getting married or turning .. 50!]. At a point where a major change is about to happen, or need to happen? Would you prefer this transformation to be joyous, light and magic? Then maybe my offers as a DJ, Soulguide and Wizard could serve you.

The focus of THIS page, though, is on WHO I AM [in short - I get to brag a bit!]. The straight way to WHAT I can DO for YOU are these other sites, where you´ll find specific information and the practical side of my offers.

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The session with Ola was deeply relaxing.
Went into theta space which is always very inspiring.
Lost every sense of time and space. Thank you!

Über die Hochzeitsfeier haben wir
mit allen gesprochen und
es sieht so aus, dass sich
ALLE wohlgefühlt haben
... (weiterlesen)

Lieber Ola, immer wenn von unserer Hochzeit die Rede ist,
wird auch von der Musik, dem Tanzen, von Dir geschwärm!
Es war genau, wie wir es uns vorgestellt haben !
Vielen Dank! Thank you for the music!
... (weiterlesen)

What I do for you

My Services

Discjockey, Event presenter & Entertainer

The music, the super hits of all times, as well as the hidden pearls in your music universe, are my tools and the carrier for joy, energy and an invitation to move, to dance & to celebrate.

A wedding is a transition, and my job is to make it the very most delightful and wonderful party - for the bride & groom and for the guests.

The same goes for 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 (80 was my "oldest" party) - my job is to turn these occasions into grand balls.

Companies celebrating means to transition people from employees, managers, customers and bosses into ONE cheerful party crowd!

Soulguide - Midlife Evolving U Adventures

Is the ceiling of life too low?

How much time, money and energy have you already put into methods and systems to expand and to grow in the important and crucial areas of your life?

You have tried so many ways. But whatever you do, however you go about it, the ceiling stays low or quickly returns to low, and it is soo frustrating, isn't it?

Are you even close to giving up fully?

Good! Then you are craving for change, and finally you will move.

Energy Healing Wizard - VortexHealing® Practitioner

VortexHealing® brings profound, quick and often surprising healing. To get a taste of it´s power, I suggest a session for "Divine Delight" - deep relaxation & an ocean of well being.

It can help with bodily, emotional and mental belief issues (BodyMind stuff). Next to that, it works on both energetic and relational issues, as well as karmic and other more astral and etheric field levels.

VortexHealing® can be guided to work for you personally or inter-personally, as well as on places and things (like homes, work-spaces, beds, cars..)

It is designed to speed up awakening. It does so. Get ready for a vast expansion of consciousnesses.

It is pure divine magic!

Voice talent Swedish

I'm a native swede with an educated voice and professional speaking experience since 2004.

Schwedische Stimme / native speaker

Ich bin gebürtiger Schwede mit Stimm-Ausbildung und seit 2004 professioneller Speicher.

i.e. // z.B.
* product- and company presentation // Produkt- und Unternehmenspräsentation
* Infotainment // e-Learning
* language courses // Sprachkurse
* commercials // Werbung
* film dubbing // Filmsynchronisation
* audio books // Hörbücher

for you to listen and hear

Podcasts & Blogs

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Game Design

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Logo Design

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DJ * Soulguide * Wizard

P. Ola Jannhov

P. Ola Jannhov

DJ * Soulguide * Wizard

Well, so you ARE about to read this! Ok, a few words about me ..


Since the age of 15 I knew I wanted to do "my thing" but for many years found it hard to get to the very point of WHAT exactly - except the idea of being a philosopher, laying on my bed the whole day and thinking smart thoughts (that then somehow should be turned into money ... still working on that one).

Workwise I found "my first real thing" in 1999 as I decided to go for entertainment in general and DJ:ing specifically.

  • I set up Colognes first smoke free and alternative disco "TanzSpass" in 2000 (Bare foot boogie like, that you might know from the US). It´s still rocking.
  • In 2004 event comparing / presenting & stage entertainment was added.
  • Since 1999 it must have been around one thousand various partys, see my DJ section for details goto DJ * Voice.
  • Presentation, i.e. to officially present Sweden in the field of tourism.

My catalogue of "jobs for a living" is wide: newspaper man, hospital worker, bus driver, street market salesman ... I probably have forgotten some.

Some more important occupations before my "real" self employment.

  • Administration and running the office of Lilla Teatern, Lund, 1987 - 1988
  • Translating from English and German to Swedish, 1990 - 1991, 1997
  • Stage design, theatre technician, Lund 1989, Side in Turkey 1991
  • Teaching Swedish in Berlin 1992 - 1994
  • Software Sidoun, the company world of constructional engineering and architecture 1994 - 1996
  • Sales of golf equipment in 2000

Native Speaker


Einzelelement ÜB

Einzelelement Text

2 Zeile

3 Zeile


Personal History




In Lund, Sweden.

1990 - Present

Moved to Germany

One of the nice places I lived in

Text will follow.


Formal start of profesional DJ:ing

DJ in action 2004

The actual start was 1982. But for quie some years, I was a hobby DJ.


US Expansion

Duis aute iruariatur.