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I´m based in Germany and VortexHealing® is here formally offered as a form of [German] Geistheilung oder Geistiges Heilen, or Spirit Healing in English (see further infomation in German below on this page). Though I have quite some therapeutic training (see Ola the Wizard), I do not have any formal medical or psychological degree. This brings about a few steps of intake or assessment, before we actually will do healing session/s.

Your personal information is treated according to German and EU standards. Please see Datenschutz (privacy policy).


Basic formats of VortexHealing® pure

- prices and duration

Divine Delight: short Get to Know session / ~30 minutes / Distance € 47.-

This format focuses on "a taste" of VortexHealing. Some people doubt if "channeled stuff" is worth anything to them (I did). Some people experience a lot right away. Some don´t. We´ll see what´s up for you. This "taste of"-session has the intention for deep relaxation & an ocean of well being.

One single Full session / 70 to 75 minutes / Distance € 97.-

This is a full on healing session. Let the divine run "what´s most needed", trusting that this is the very best you can get. Though, if an urgent issue bothers you, we can focus on this.

Package of THREE sessions / 3 times 70 to 75 minutes / Distance € 247.-

Package of FIVE sessions / 5 times 70 to 75 minutes / Distance € 347.-

You are ready for more! Let the divine run "what´s most needed", trusting that this is the very best you can get. Though, if urgent issues bother you, we can focus on these.


Life Coaching with VortexHealing®

and special offers - prices and duration

Life Coaching with VortexHealing / FOUR sessions distance, each 90 to 100 minutes / € 347.-

These are a full on healing sessions (distance), combined with talks and life coaching, on challanges and the joyful in your present life, and it´s bigger purpose. The outcome is in-depth life / spiritual coaching.

If you have “Life Questions” and are looking for a wider / further / deeper input and orientation on your own life and it´s purpose, this is the format for you. We first talk and through the VortexHealing (60 minutes), hidden information is brought to light. We spend time after the healing for understanding to land and take root within you. As a result you receive in-depth life / spiritual coaching.

VortexHealing IN PERSON (with or without Life Coaching)

You are in the area of Berlin and would like to experience VortexHealing and work with me in person?

Great! Please contact me and let´s see what´s suitable.

These sessions cost a bit more, since they typically involve more time than any distance sessions.

Detective Work / up to ~30 minutes / Distance € 27.- to € 67.-

Something really strange happened, and you´re wondering if there is some deeper or hidden information available? We have a talk. I have a look. We have a second talk. Paid afterwards, and the amount depends on how much time I needed to put in.



Hallo from me to you

Before you go ahead and book sessions, as offered:

  1. Make sure you know enough about VortexHealing, that you actually want these sessions,
    for yourself or as a gift to someone. (Check this site, and/or
  2. Your email with your interest in Vortex Healing – please state what format of session/s you´re
    interested in and if you hope for a specific issue to be healed
    (as VortexHealing can support healing for a lot, but not for everything).
  3. My first email has instructions for payment and some “rules of the game”.
  4. Your payment.
  5. You fill in and return the ONE-page Agreement Responsibility (PDF), and in case you book more than one session, also the 3-page Questionnaire (Download area).
  6. We´ll then schedule a combined “pre-session” talk (about you and the content from questionnaire) and a first healing session. This makes the first meeting a bit longer than the following “sessions only”. We can then also plan the sessions, typically one a week.
  7. My next email serves as a last day reminder with some minor details.
  8. The Session/s.
  9. Outlook, feedback and how to proceed on.

In case you´re insecure about booking VortexHealing, I offer a coaching talk (at a reduced price of €37.- ) upon this issue. Please state so in your email.


Let´s stay as simple as possible: please send me an email or call directly, using the contact information in the black and white picture.

Some rules of the game

The session/s are for one person, to assure that a certain depth of healing can evolve. Please email me the name and contact information such as email and telephone number for the person receiving the healing session/s, in the case that you are paying for someone else.

If you need to re-schedule

We can usually reschedule up to 72 hours in advance. In special cases, I will accept a 48 hour notice, but only once per series of sessions. Beyond that, you missed the appointment and any payment is still due and will not be returned.
We should re-schedule before the original appointment time, and if this is not possible I will still give the session at the original time. You will then have some positive healing effects, but maybe not as deep as if you would been in a “session receptive setting”.

Refund policy

If during our pre-session talk, we find that VortexHealing is not right for you at this time, I´ll refund your payment minus a basic administrative fee of presently € 37.- (which is also the price for a coaching talk on VortexHealing, so you don't loose any money).
If you've booked a package with several sessions and want to opt out before the last session, a refund as follows is possible: the number of sessions you have received are charged based on the price of a single session (presently € 97.-) plus this administrative fee of presently € 37.-.

Example: an earlier special get to know offer was five sessions for € 277.-. If a client opts out after having received two of them, they are worth 2x97 = 194, plus the admin fee 37 = 231, leading to a refund of 277 – 231 = € 46.-.


Geistheilung oder auch Geistiges Heilen

Artikel in Deutsch über Geistheilung:

Code of Ethics // Ethikcode

In case you wonder about the VortexHealing® "Code of Ethics", please follow this link: Code of Ethics