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Basic formats of VortexHealing® pure

- prices and duration

Divine Delight: short Get to Know session / ~30 minutes / Distance € 47.-

This format focuses on "a taste" of VortexHealing. Some people doubt if "channeled stuff" is worth anything to them (I did). Some people experience a lot right away. Some don´t. We´ll see what´s up for you. This "taste of"-session has the intention for deep relaxation & an ocean of well being.

One single Full session / 70 to 75 minutes / Distance € 97.-

This is a full on healing session. Let the divine run "what´s most needed", trusting that this is the very best you can get. Though, if an urgent issue bothers you, we can focus on this.

Package of THREE sessions / 3 times 70 to 75 minutes / Distance € 247.-

Package of FIVE sessions / 5 times 70 to 75 minutes / Distance € 347.-

You are ready for more! Let the divine run "what´s most needed", trusting that this is the very best you can get. Though, if urgent issues bother you, we can focus on these.


Life Coaching with VortexHealing®

and special offers - prices and duration

Life Coaching with VortexHealing / FOUR sessions distance, each 90 to 100 minutes / € 347.-

These are a full on healing sessions (distance), combined with talks and life coaching, on challanges and the joyful in your present life, and it´s bigger purpose. The outcome is in-depth life / spiritual coaching.

If you have “Life Questions” and are looking for a wider / further / deeper input and orientation on your own life and it´s purpose, this is the format for you. We first talk and through the VortexHealing (60 minutes), hidden information is brought to light. We spend time after the healing for understanding to land and take root within you. As a result you receive in-depth life / spiritual coaching.

VortexHealing IN PERSON (with or without Life Coaching)

You are in the area of Berlin and would like to experience VortexHealing and work with me in person?

Great! Please contact me and let´s see what´s suitable.

These sessions cost a bit more, since they typically involve more time than any distance sessions.

Detective Work / up to ~30 minutes / Distance € 27.- to € 67.-

Something really strange happened, and you´re wondering if there is some deeper or hidden information available? We have a talk. I have a look. We have a second talk. Paid afterwards, and the amount depends on how much time I needed to put in.


Why should you enjoy VortexHealing®?

Summaries of feedbacks from my clients:

  • Deeply relaxing and pleasant
  • Immediate relief of pain
  • Insights & answers to one´s major big questions, surprising suggestions for action
  • Release of deep, vague blockades
  • Absolute “new” as in never ever experienced before, opening up a fresh paradigm
  • Relaxing outbreath and deep relaxed breathing
  • Energized, aliveness and vitality returning
  • "My cat's playing again!" (Yes, VortexHealing also works very well for animals.)
  • Mind free, vast meditive experience
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Personally VortexHealing has revolutionized my life – an authentic turn for true spiritual unfoldment.

The training for a Vortex Healer goes through a gradual deepening of healing capacity. Presently it takes at least 5 years to reach the highest capacity, as it is accompanied by enormous inner reshaping and transformation of the healer her-/himself. After two years I am currently a Jewel with Genetics VortexHealing® Practitioner (since June 2020).

Diploma Genetics-*-Diploma Jewel

As VortexHealing came into my life after over 35 years of spiritual-therapeutic search, a lot changed quickly:

  • Returned sense of meaning & direction
  • Healing and integration of issues – also of stuff I didn't even know about
  • Freedom from deep and strongly limiting believes
  • Joy returning
  • Finally mediation is regularly and persistently expanding silence and awakening
  • Self-healing possible
  • Giving sessions is just great!
  • I guess I could write a book .. there is so much to tell ..
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