ImmuneBoost with VortexHealing®

ImmuneBoost Special - done at a distance to wherever you are on the planet.

One 45 min remote session for € 77.-

If you are currently suffering from an acute illness, you will probably need more than one session. Please have a look at this offer: Boosting the Immune System - deeply

Would you like to have your Immune System boosted?

In mid-March we Vortex Healers received a new tool, the ImmuneBoost. This is the best thing I can do right now to strengthen your immune system. It works well from a distance to wherever you are on the planet.

With channelled energy / information the immune system can be strengthened considerably. You are very welcome to receive this targeted VortexHealing® ImmuneBoost session. All you need to do is to relax and receive!

Please read below what VortexHealing® is about in general and what it can do for you besides ImmuneBoost. This offer is ONE approx. 45 minutes remote session (phone, Skype, zoom) for the price of € 77,- (normally € 97,-).

The immune system is complex. An unhealthy lifestyle will not be able to maintain the positive effects of healing. Therefore please take care of your immune system, e.g. by proper nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements, less alcohol and nicotine, sleep and relaxation and by drinking enough water. (GERMAN speakers! You´ll find some tips in this "Kurzanleitung Immunsystem stärken" (PDF): Download Bereich. I also do not give any guarantee for certain expected results, as the healing effects sometimes occur in other places than imaginable in advance.

An offer for you - Boosting the Immune System with VortexHealing®.

Possible healing effects:

  • freer breathing
  • (immediate) relief of current complaints, such as pain
  • "stuck" illness, like a background cold get´s activatad to heal
  • go on reading below the line


Why should you enjoy VortexHealing®?

Summaries of feedbacks from my clients:

  • Deeply relaxing and pleasant
  • Immediate relief of pain
  • Insights & answers to one´s major big questions, surprising suggestions for action
  • Release of deep, vague blockades
  • Absolute “new” as in never ever experienced before, opening up a fresh paradigm
  • Relaxing outbreath and deep relaxed breathing
  • Energized, aliveness and vitality returning
  • "My cat's playing again!" (Yes, VortexHealing also works very well for animals.)
  • Mind free, vast meditive experience
  • read more here Testimonials

Personally VortexHealing has revolutionized my life – an authentic turn for true spiritual unfoldment:

The training as a Vortex Healer goes through a gradual deepening of healing capacity. Presently it takes at least 5 years to reach the highest capacity, and 8-10 is more the norm, as it is accompanied by enormous inner reshaping and transformation of the healer her-/himself. After almost two years I am currently an Omega level healer, soon to be Jewel with Genetics (March / June 2020).
As VortexHealing came into my life after almost 40 years of spiritual-therapeutic search, a lot changed quickly:

  • Returned sense of meaning & direction
  • Healing and integration of issues – also of stuff I didn't even know about
  • Freedom from deep and strongly limiting believes
  • Joy returning
  • Finally mediation is regularly and persistently expanding silence and awakening
  • Self-healing possible
  • Giving sessions is just great!
  • I guess I could write a book .. there is so much to tell ..
  • Read more about Ola the Wizard



Hallo from me to you

Before you go ahead and book sessions, as offered:

  1. Please make sure you know enough about VortexHealing and that you actually want these sessions,
    for yourself or as a gift to someone. (Check this site, and/or
  2. Then send an email with your interest in Vortex Healing – please state what format of session/s you´re
    interested in and if you hope for a specific issue to be healed
    (as VortexHealing can support healing for a lot, but not for everything).
  3. My first email has some “rules of the game” and instructions for payment.
  4. Your payment follows.
  5. Please also fill in and return the ONE-page Agreement Responsibility (PDF), and in case you book more than one session, also the 3-page Questionnaire (PDFs to be found in the Download area).
  6. We´ll then schedule a combined “pre-session” talk (about you and the content from your questionnaire) and a first healing session. This makes the first meeting a bit longer than the following “sessions only”. We can then also plan the sessions, typically one a week.
  7. My next email serves as a last day reminder with some details on how to receive.
  8. The Session/s.
  9. Outlook, feedback and how to proceed on.

In case you´re insecure about booking VortexHealing, I offer a coaching talk (at a reduced price of €37.- ) upon this issue. Please state so in your email.

You´re warmly welcome!

Please contact me using the information in the black and white picture.

yellow line with logo

Some rules of the game

The session/s are for one person, to assure that a certain depth of healing can evolve. Please email me the name and contact information such as email and telephone number for the person receiving the healing session/s, in the case that you are paying for someone else.

If you need to re-schedule

We can usually reschedule up to 72 hours in advance. In special cases, I will accept a 48 hour notice, but only once per series of sessions. Beyond that, you missed the appointment and any payment is still due and will not be returned.
I can do a session without our contact on the phone / zoom. Also without your aware and conscious receiving, you will get some positive healing effects, but maybe not as deep as if you would have been in a “session receptive setting”. Therefore we´ll first try to find a new date for your healing session.

Refund policy

If during our pre-session talk, we find that VortexHealing is not right for you at this time, I´ll refund your payment minus a basic administrative fee of presently € 37.- (which is also the price for a coaching talk on VortexHealing, so you don't pay double or loose anything).
If you've booked a package with several sessions and want to opt out before the last session, a refund as follows is possible: the number of sessions you have received are charged based on the price of a single session (presently € 97.-) plus this administrative fee of € 37.-.

Example: the current offer for existing clients to go on and deepen are five sessions for € 297.-. If a client opts out after having received two of them, they are worth 2x97 = 194, plus the admin fee 37 = € 231.-, leading to a refund of 297 – 231 = € 66.-.

Instructions to receive

  • A few minutes before session time, stop working and slow down.
  • We spend a few minutes talking and checking in how you are doing, if anything significant has happened since the last sessions, and such.
  • During the actual VortexHealing, please lay down where you can be private, and not being disturbed or interrupted.
  • Relax, and let the VortexHealing work upon you.
  • You might fall asleep, or have many thoughts going on.
  • Some people feel a lot, some sense a lot, but to some people it´s plain boring and nothing seem to happen.
  • This is all normal, and the healing works anyway.
  • Please don't do other things.
    There might be important information coming to your mind, and you´d miss that if you´d be doing distracting things like reading or checking your smart phone.
  • We spend a minute or two to debrief after the actual healing.
  • It´s helpful if you can keep the 15-30 minutes after the session slow and easy, and bit by bit get back into the action of your life.
  • (If you have appointments afterwards, you might want to set an alarm clock.)


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