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Do you carry a deep longing for genuine change? Would extraordinary, like magical transformation interest you? VortexHealing® is an ancient and 1994 re-discovered powerful healing art, that goes to the heart of any issue. VortexHealing can give you deepest possible healing, and help you become whole and liberated. It´s a straightforward, easy and deeply relaxing process, that can be channeled at a distance or directly in person.

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offered by P. OLA Jannhov, who is a Berlin based Swedish born
DJ * Energy Healing Wizard * Speaker

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P. Ola Jannhov, born in Sweden, based in Berlin

P. Ola Jannhov

DJ * Soulguide * Energy Healing Wizard

I´m a DJ, entertainer, soul guide and energy healer. The underlying theme of my life is that of transpersonal evolution on a spiritual path.

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To delight transitions means that I delightfully support in times of evolution and transformation, to make your changeovers joyous, light and easy. Accordingly my specialty as a DJ are one time events like weddings and not so much the yearly occurring xmas parties.
Thereby I make you Move with Joy to Liberate. Liberation at a party means to be free and have an awesomely great time. Liberation in a spiritual context hints at further-reaching freedom, doesn't it?
I delight Your transitions & Move with Joy to Liberate together form my credo and this is what you can expect, as the core content of any of my work.

Ola´s life story short

I have always “enlightened and delighted transitions”, both to friends and professionally. I have 35 years of life experience with various spiritual paths, schools of mediation, progressive therapy and transformational methods. I trained with some of the world leaders in these fields, and worked professionally with dance therapy and meditation for seven years. I was on my way to become a therapeutic sex counselor, when I realized, I simply do not want to work with the heaviness of people´s problems.

Music and dancing were my first big loves, and I made the leap from serious therapeutic practice to entertainment. Since 1999 I´ve acted as a DJ, stage & event presenter and speaker, with around 200.000 people who have danced to the music I dj, or at parties I've put into the world. I have ~450 happy high class castle wedding parties to account for, and some 330 business events, including ~130 specific German Swedish events for IKEA. Add several hundreds of mixed other DJ gigs to that.

Soulguide - Midlife Evolving U Adventures

Like many other Scandinavians, I have a direct and relaxed contact with nature. This is one of the foundations of my offer Midlife Evolving U Adventures.

Energy Healing Wizard - Heal and Awaken with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

With VortexHealing® I get to play with energies in yet another fabulous way. The title Wizard is there to already now rattle your mind a bit. Please visit the site Heal and Awaken with VortexHealing®.

Education, Training

Basic stations through life

  • Born 1964, in Lund, Sweden
  • Technical gymnasium 1980 - 1984, simplified engineering exame in electronics and computer construction
  • Designed and built HiFi electronics, "things that made sounds" and invented a sound sampler (Yahama brought their first model to the market simultaneously)
  • Military service 1984, specialized in technical problem solving in complex communication facilities
  • 1990 moved to Germany. I´ve lived in Berlin, Bielefeld, Cologne, Potsdam and now just southwest of Berlin

University (I´ve been to three and have no formal degree)

  • General cultural science, sociology and history at the university of Lund, Sweden, 1985 - 1988
  • Social and business communications at the "Universität der Künste" (university of arts), Berlin, 1993 - 1994
  • Therapeutic training, specialized in sex counseling at a private, international university in the Netherlands called "the Humaniversity", 1996 -1999

Other, more classically formal trainings

  • Training in cultural marketing and management, Akademie für Kultur und Bildung, Berlin, 1994 - 1995
  • Internship, managing assistant at One World Verlag, Berlin, 1995
  • Business school and coaching training, Sage Innovations, München, Köln, 2003 - 2004

Theater and stage performance

  • Joined "Lilla teatern", Lund in 1985 (were i.e. Max von Sydow started his career)
  • Basic actors training, basic acrobatic training
  • Worked with rhythm and experimental voice expression
  • Directed and trained, very pleased to have helped a young woman into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London
  • Cultural exchange (theater) of 15 Swedes and 15 Bulgarians (Lund and Novi Pazar) 1987-1988. Played in Novi Pazar 1987.
  • Played loads of serious theater and light entertainment

Other, less formal trainings

  • Certified as dance meditation and dance therapeutic process facilitator, trainings in Denmark and India 1986 - 1991 (worked with this for 7 years)
  • Certified Vivation facilitator, training in Berlin 1992 - 1995 (the basic concept of "integration of anything appearing" will always be part of anything I do)
  • Certified Humaniversity AUM and other Social Meditations leader, since 1996
  • Landmark Education, the full curriculum, Frankfurt am Main, 2001 - 2002
  • Loads of assisting and co leading in seminars of others in various forms of personal growth, including tantra, since 1990

Lifestyle choices & my learning experiences out of them

  • Essential simplicity
  • I never really stepped into the rat race
  • I'm more into being than having
  • Meaningful doing seem to be the bridge between necessary having and essential being
  • Sometimes this bridge is as thin as a tightrope and my life is about keeping the balance. This act of life balance is then like practicing spiritual trust in everyday life
  • My vocation is that of Joy, to enlighten and delight the transitions people have in their lives
  • My favorite parties to dj at, are weddings cause that's such a beautiful transition
  • I delight transitions Midlife. Letting go of the unnecessary might be less about stuff and more about habits and believes. It's more about freeing up the inner clutter
  • I live in a simple house in the forest, but close enough to Berlin to have the goodies both of nature and the big city


Native Speaker / Voice talent Swedish

My voice has been used professionally since 2003. Please visit my native speaker site Swedish Male Voice.


Since the age of 15 I knew I wanted to do "my thing" but for many years I found it hard to get to the very point of WHAT exactly.

Work wise I found "my first real thing" in 1999 as I decided to go for entertainment in general and DJ:ing specifically.

  • I set up Colognes first smoke free and alternative disco "TanzSpass" in 2000
    It´s still rocking! (Bare foot boogie like, that you might know from the US.) Please visit TanzSpass Köln
  • In 2004 stage entertainment & event presenting was added
  • Since 1999 I´ve played at way beyond a thousand parties: weddings, birthdays, companies, television, city events .. the list is long. Please visit my DJ site DJ Ola
  • Presentation. I´m a pretty descent live stage presenter and have officially presented Sweden in the field of tourism. Please visit my DJ site DJ Ola

My catalog of "jobs for a living" is wide: newspaper man, hospital worker, bus driver, street market salesman ... I probably have forgotten some.

Some more important occupations before my "real" self employment as a Dj and presenter kicked in (as above).

  • Administration and running the office of Lilla Teatern, Lund, 1987 - 1988
  • Translating from English and German to Swedish, 1990 - 1991, 1997
  • Stage design, theater technician, Lund 1989, Side in Turkey 1991
  • Teaching Swedish in Berlin 1992 - 1994
  • Software Sidoun, the company world of architecture and constructional engineering 1994 - 1996
  • Sales of golf equipment in 2000

Some unique aspects and results in and for the world

  • Formal education in three countries
  • Been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television (and in one book) around movements, initiatives, events and parties I answer for, since my early 20s
  • Decades of professional DJ:ing, mainly in Germany but I've also played in Sweden, the Netherlands and California (since 1999)
  • Around 200.000 people have danced to the music I dj, or at parties I've put into the world
  • Brought Lunchbeat to Berlin in 2012. This included Reuters making a feature and Oprah Winfrey later reported on the phenomena of once a month going dancing in your lunch-break. We were in all major German news magazines, radio and television, under the headline of “cool work life balance”
  • Initiated a David Bowie RIP party that still is memorable to guests and to us artists that were on stage.
  • Gave my first personal growth workshop with 23, the youngest participants was 40
  • Taught Dance Mediation and Therapy for seven years (80s, 90s)
  • Been leading active, social and silent meditations for 15 years
  • Worked two years in a quite progressive German software company, that i.e. had a 30 minutes common mediation slot before lunch (90s)
  • Central presenter / speaker at Secret of Tantra´s bi-annual festivals 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
  • Presenter at the Integral European Conference “Allies of Evolution” 2018, with “Integral Dance of Life”

Personal qualities

  • Fluent in three languages
  • Lived in three countries, worked in five, and have worked with and for around 20 nationalities
  • Bridges cultural understanding
  • Advanced and progressive thinker
  • Humor
  • Dancer
  • Natural outdoors guy
  • Swedishness (which is a huge asset in Germany)


Awakening and Wizardry

Becoming a Finder and then an Energy Wizard


Spiritual work, psychology of the Buddhas, Integral spiritual evolution

  • Since 1986 regular personal and transpersonal shadow work
  • Meetings with remarkable wo/men: Osho in/since 1983, Veeresh since 1988, Cyrus 1999, Thomas Hübl since 2013, Ken Wilber since 2013
  • Merlin and the VortexHealing® lineage since 2018
  • Leading and guiding people in the use of a big variety of meditation techniques since 1986
  • ... life goes on, doesn´t it?

As a DJ I get to play with energy. The music is the carrier of energy, the guests at the dance floor pick it up and dance and have a great time.

... TEXT IN PROGRESS, as for now please visit my site VortexHealing® Heal and Awaken.


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