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Do you carry a deep longing for genuine change? Would extraordinary, like magical transformation interest you? VortexHealing® is an ancient and 1994 re-discovered powerful healing art, that goes to the heart of any issue. VortexHealing can give you deepest possible healing, and help you become whole and liberated. It´s a straightforward, easy and deeply relaxing process, that can be channeled at a distance or directly in person.

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Energy Healing Online. Deepest Healing and Awakening
with VortexHealing® - the Merlin lineage

offered by P. OLA Jannhov, who is a Berlin based Swedish born
DJ * Energy Healing Wizard * Speaker

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P. Ola Jannhov, born in Sweden, based in Berlin

P. Ola Jannhov

DJ * Energy Healing Wizard * Speaker

I´m a DJ, Energy Healer and Speaker. The underlying theme of my life seem to be a spiritual path with transpersonal evolution.

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To delight transitions means that I delightfully support in times of evolution and transformation, to make your changeovers joyous, light and easy. Accordingly, as I evolved as a DJ, my specialty became transitional events; one time events like weddings, the birthdays with a "0" and for companies, events like new openings and major anniversaries (and not so much the yearly occurring xmas parties).
Thereby I make you Move with Joy to Liberate. Liberation at a party simply means to be free and have an awesomely great time. Liberation in the healing work and in the spiritual contexts hints at a further-reaching freedom, doesn't it?
I delight Your transitions & Move with Joy to Liberate together form my credo and this is what you can expect, as the core content of any of my work.


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