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Why Heal and Awaken // Healing for Awakening ?

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.. the flux, the change, the flow ..

A few words on some changes, dated May 2022.

At the core, I’m here to prepare people for awakening. The healing of VortexHealing does that very well.

There’s a slight but important difference in the focus of a client, if the client mainly wants to have something “fixed” (kind of “make the problem / hurt / pain / suffering go away”) or if there is also willingness (perhaps rather felt as an "inner necessity"?) to go through whatever might come up, as steps on one’s own awakening journey.

I’ve done a fair amount of “fixing” the last years, because VortexHealing is very very good at that. And that was what many clients looked for – BUT, my own evolution has lead to a point where the awakening preparation of clients simply is what I should care about.

There are sooo many healers who genuinely love to work on "fixing"! I’ll go for your awakening, if you care to.

A talk on VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Viktoria Duda, host of the Multidimensional People Podcast
and me, Ola Jannhov in a talk on

energy healing, pre- and post-rational,
evolution of consciousness, awakening and more.

.. from "a problem to be solved" to "a mystery to be lived" ..

Podcast 2019 (Viktoria's wording "discovered" simply refers to my "new and first" learning of VH, as a student and NOT that I am the original discoverer of VH.)


Some more on VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

What lies beyond the conventional?

What VortexHealing® can do for you!

(It can be channeled at a distance or directly in person.)

It´s ideal for lazy and stressed people; you do nothing but lay down, receive & relax.

VortexHealing can bring about

  • profound, quick and
  • often surprising healing.

To get a taste of it´s power, I suggest a session for "Divine Delight " (Booking & Prices) - deep relaxation & an ocean of well being.

VortexHealing can help you with

  • bodily, emotional and
  • mental belief issues (BodyMind stuff).

Next to that, it can be directed for

  • energetic and relational issues, as well as
  • karmic and other more astral & etheric field levels.

VortexHealing can be guided

  • for you individually or inter-personally, as well as on
  • situations in general, places and things (like homes, work-spaces, beds, cars ..).

It is designed to speed up awakening. It does so. Get ready for expansion of consciousnesses.

It can be channeled at a distance or directly in person.

I´d also like to repeat: VortexHealing goes well together with other forms of healing and meditations. If you already have some spiritual practice, please go on using it.

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


When the divine heals, magic happens

Do we really know our potential?

What if transformation was fun?

Would deep transformation then be joyous?

And ultimate transformation, that of spiritual awakening, a roaring laughter of stillness?

You are maybe a professional in the field of personal growth, a classical therapist, a transformation coach or a spiritual teacher. Or "just" another Seeker, like myself? After years or decades of attempts we know, and you know one thing very well – lasting true change is mostly a slow and long process. It may even seem to be sheer luck if something deep truly shifts.
By now, you might have realized that the methods we used so far aren't that effective. We might find ourselves thinking along the famous quote of Albert Einstein:

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Still, most of us go on using methods created by minds trying to solve problems of the mind ... ´cause we didn't have any other methods, until recently. And think of it, even an enlightened person´s mind is still a human mind (with all its greatness, but also limitation).

A paradigm shift could be to let something truly bigger than the human mind come in and perform.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing .. is divine .. find out what that means.


Truly holistic

Healing - from what for what?

Where are "the problems" coming from?

Four main pillars of separation:

  1. Conditioning of upbringing, typically from parents, teachers and society. Both positive, supportive and negative, limiting.
  2. Trauma, typically in these areas “bodily, emotionally, psychological, intellectually, spiritually and/or relational”.
  3. Karmic burden - this is big! (will get a page of its own).
  4. Genetic programming – the heritage from all your ancestors. Any living organism wants to eat when hungry. It defends itself or runs away when attacked, wants to mate and bring offspring .. and so on. This gives rise to a survival ego of the body and this body-genetic-ego then holds on to very old behavior patterns.

Coaching and psychology can help with the 1) Conditioning by de-conditioning the negative & limiting and strengthening the positive & supportive.

Therapy can help with the impact of 2) Trauma, but of course only as deep as the method itself allows and the therapist is able to go.

Few other methods are fully holistic in the sense that they can free and liberate a client from 3) Karmic burden and 4) Genetic programming, like VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing actually can.

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


To delight transitions

Pure aliveness may return

Healing for Awakening

In the late 90s, I choose to become a DJ and an entertainer, and not a therapeutic sex counselor, although I had already invested ~15 years of training & professional experience. I simply didn't want to work with the heaviness of people´s problems.
Today my approach with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing comes from that background, based on a similar decision:

I´m not here to enhance a focus of problems, but rather to invite you to enjoy the magic of healing transformation.

Similar to DJ:ing, where I am the music guide, but I´m not a musician playing live music, as a vortex practitioner I facilitate and guide the process. But it is NOT my energy and consciousness being channeled.

That which acts upon you for healing and awakening is ultimately Divine Consciousness and Energy. Thus it can be really magic! as in you´d never ever expected something like this to ever happen.
Still, it happens.

Deep healing.

.. and then, liberation.


What VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is not

Fixing what can be fixed

For those who like to think a bit

With VortexHealing I can not promise any improvement on stuff you consider solely coming from "out there", and that you like to have magically fixed. That would rather be "magical thinking", and not "divine magic".

VortexHealing can “only” bring about deepest reconfiguration of ALL in and through you that is ready to become healthily aligned with a bigger existential divine fluid occurring order. In other words, we actually don't have any control of the outcome .. can you live with that?

A deep nagging sense of separation we all experience vanishes over time. Then, once aligned .. voila, awakening awaits. With a re-established all-is:ness, things do though change. But maybe not how you right now expect them to.

In other words - this is all about you and "not-you". In you, through you, beyond you .. there's an amazing surprising inner adventure awaiting. That also deeply heals you.

VortexHealing® may be the only method that can promise to integrate the physical body with awakening. Given that that magical readiness is there. Which it probably is, if you've read this far!

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


The Merlin lineage

Interfacing with divinity

Some words on Merlin and the lineage


"It is the historical line of teachers and students that have learned VortexHealing from the Divine Expression that calls itself Merlin.

Merlin’s Divinity brought VortexHealing into existence and is the Divine Source for all the transmissions of VortexHealing tools, for all the energetic acceleration that happens in the trainings, and for all the power and grace that make VortexHealing the magical healing art and path that it is.

(The Merlin that is associated with King Arthur was not this Divine Expression but one of the human teachers of the Merlin lineage.)"

read the full text here:

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax