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Haben Sie eine tiefe Sehnsucht nach echtem Wandel? Würde eine aussergewöhnliche, wie magische Transformation Sie interessieren? VortexHealing® ist eine uralte und 1994 wiederentdeckte, kraftvolle Heilkunst, die zum Kern jedes Problems vordringt. VortexHealing® kann Ihnen die tiefstmögliche Heilung geben und Ihnen helfen, ganz und befreit zu werden. Es ist ein geradliniger, einfacher und tief entspannender Prozess, der auf Distanz oder direkt in Person gechannelt werden kann.

Neues Bonus-Angebot: probieren Sie Heute eine Distanz-Sitzung "Divine Delight"

Energy Healing Online. Tiefste Heilung und Erwachen mit VortexHealing®

angeboten von P. OLA Jannhov, ein bei Berlin wohnender Schwede
DJ * Energy Heiler * Sprecher

Logo Delight

Heilung für Erwachen // Heal and Awaken

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Willkommen zu Heal and Awaken

Eine Heilkunst des Herzens

Was VortexHealing® Ihnen bringen kann!

(Es kann aus der Ferne oder direkt in Person gechannelt werden)
(Vi kan göra sessionerna på svenska.)

Es ist ideal für faule und gestresste Menschen; man tut nichts anderes als sich hinzulegen, zu empfangen und zu entspannen.

VortexHealing kann Folgendes bewirken

  • tiefgründige, schnelle und
  • oft überraschende Heilung.

Um einen Vorgeschmack auf seine Power zu bekommen, schlage ich eine "Divine Delight" Sitzung vor - tiefe Entspannung & ein Ozean des Wohlbefindens.

VortexHealing kann Ihnen helfen bei

  • verschiedenste körperliche, emotionale und
  • mentale Themen (BodyMind-Kram).

Daneben kann es fokusiert werden für

  • energetische und Beziehungs-Themen, sowie
  • karmische und andere mehr astrale & ätherische Feldebenen.

VortexHealing kann auch gesteurt werden für

  • Sie individuell oder interpersonell, sowie auf
  • Situationen im Allgemeinen, Orte und Dinge (wie Wohnungen, Arbeitsräume, Betten, Autos ...).

Es ist erschaffen um das Erwachen zu beschleunigen. Das tut es. Bereiten Sie sich auf eine große Erweiterung des Bewusstseins vor.

Es kann aus der Ferne oder direkt in Person gechannelt werden.

Wenn das Göttliche heilt, geschieht Magie

Falls Transformation vergnügt wäre?

Wäre dann tiefe Transformation freudigst-fröhlich?

And ultimate transformation, that of spiritual awakening, a roaring laughter of stillness?

Heal the healer .. you, maybe a professional in the field of personal growth, a classical therapist, a transformation coach or a spiritual teacher; after years or decades of attempts you know one thing very well – lasting true change is mostly a slow and long process. It may even seem to be sheer luck if something deep truly shifts. By now, you might have realized that the methods you use aren´t that effective. You might think along the famous quote of Albert Einstein:

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Still, most of us go on using methods created by minds trying to solve problems of the mind ... ´cause we didn´t have any other methods, until recently. Even an enlightened mind is still based in a human being.

A paradigm shift could be to let something truly bigger than the human mind come in and perform. VortexHealing is divine .. find out what that means.

Kennen wir unser Potential?


.. is understanding necessary?

I found the vortex session with Ola to be genuinely remarkable.
In fact, when I want to do justice to the experience by describing it,
I cannot find the words.

It’s a box of treasures, and they answer all the questions I brought to the session and some I didn’t know I had.


To delight transitions

Pure aliveness may return

Healing for Awakening

In the late 90s, I choose to become a DJ and an entertainer, and not a therapeutic sex counselor, although I had already invested ~15 years of training & professional experience. I simply did not want to work with the heaviness of people´s problems. Today my approach with VortexHealing® comes from that background, based on a similar decision:

I´m not here to enhance a focus of problems, but rather to invite you to enjoy the magic of healing transformation.

Similar to DJ:ing, where I am the music guide, but I´m not the musician playing the actual music, as a vortex practitioner I facilitate and guide the process. But it is NOT my energy and consciousness being channeled.

That which acts upon you for healing and awakening is ultimately Divine Consciousness and Energy. Thus it can be really magic! as in you´d never ever expected something like this to ever happen. Still, it happens.

Deep healing.

.. and then, liberation.

What VortexHealing® is not

For those who like to think a bit

With VortexHealing I can not promise any improvement on stuff you consider solely coming from "out there". VortexHealing can “only” bring about deepest reconfiguration of ALL in and through you that is not healthily aligned with a bigger existential divine fluid occurring order.

A deep nagging sense of separation we all experience vanishes over time. Then, once fully aligned .. voila, awakening awaits. With a re-established all-is:ness, things do though change. But maybe not how you right now expect them to.

In other words - this is all about you. In you, through you .. there´s an amazing surprising inner adventure awaiting. That also deeply heals you.

VortexHealing may be the only method that can promise to integrate the physical body with awakening.

Fixing what can be fixed


.. is deep relaxation an issue?

True deep relaxation is a life issue to me – it just doesn´t happen.
But during the Vortex session, I was as relaxed as I have never ever been before – in my whole life.

The session with Ola was deeply relaxing.
Went into theta space which is always very inspiring.
Lost every sense of time and space. Thank you!



Was Klienten sagen


2019 October


"Sessions with Ola are very enjoyable and feel like an energizing spiritual shower. I feel enlivened, refreshed and less reactive and negative."

"Die Sitzungen mit Ola sind sehr angenehm und fühlen sich an wie eine anregende spirituelle Dusche. Ich fühle mich belebt, erfrischt und weniger reaktiv und negativ."

2019 July


"Ola, you´re a natural!"

"Ola, du bist ein Naturtalent!"

2019 June

G.Z., Berlin

“Ola´s Vortex-Healing work feels like soul beauty surgery to me.
Wow, I´m truly amazed.”

"Ola´s Vortex-Healing Arbeit fühlt sich für mich wie Schönheitschirurgie für die Seele an.
Wow, ich bin wirklich begeistert."

2019 April

E.S. Language Teacher for English, Germany

"Veeery relaxing and pleasant!"

"Seeehr entspannend und angenehm!"

2019 February

V. D. Author, Hungary

"True deep relaxation is a life issue to me – it just doesn´t happen.

But during the Vortex session, I was as relaxed as I have never ever been before – in my whole life.

"Wahre tiefe Entspannung ist für mich ein Lebensthema - es passiert einfach nicht.

Aber während der Vortex-Sitzung war ich so entspannt wie noch nie zuvor - in meinem ganzen Leben.

2019 February

M.v.N. Spiritual Entertainer, The Netherlands

"The session with Ola was deeply relaxing.
Went into theta space which is always very inspiring.
Lost every sense of time and space. Thank you!"

"Die Sitzung mit Ola war tiefst entspannend.
Ich landete im Theta-space, was immer sehr inspirierend ist.
Und verlor jedes Gefühl von Zeit und Raum. Ich danke dir!"

2019 Januar

Stina D. Perspective Guide, Sweden

Ola is doing all the work, talking occasionally and doing some focused breathing. I’m just laying down enjoying a calm hour.
Afterwards, we together unpack the symbolic images and information he has received.

It’s a box of treasures, and they answer all the questions I brought to the session and some I didn’t know I had.

And my new koan is just as impenetrable as it should be.

Ola erledigt die ganze Arbeit, spricht gelegentlich und fokusiertes Atmen ist gelegentlich zu hören. Ich liege und genieße eine ruhige Stunde.
Anschließend packen wir gemeinsam die symbolischen Bilder und Informationen, die er erhalten hat, aus.

Eine wahre Schätzkiste, und sie beantworten alle Fragen, die ich zur Sitzung mitgebracht habe, und einige, von denen ich nicht wusste, dass ich sie habe.

Und mein neuer Koan ist genauso undurchdringlich, wie er sein sollte.

2018 December

D.B. Coach & Transformation Guide, Germany

"Dafür, dass ich nur da gelegen habe war es verblüffend intensiv."

"For just lying there, it was amazingly intense."

2018 December

V.D. Author, Hungary

"I found the vortex session with Ola to be genuinely remarkable.
In fact, when I want to do justice to the experience by describing it, I cannot find the words. It is quite different from other forms of energy work I've been previously involved in (e.g. reiki).

It's like you are lifted up by this vortex energy into a layer of reality, which you have never before accessed. (For the same reason, the brain - lacking comparative experiences - cannot quite process it. It's like you're writing a program on a modern computer, and then you are trying to run it on an old C64, which does not even have a USB port.)

However, even though you may not quite understand with your brain what is going on, you feel the changes in energy and reality shifts in rather interesting ways. It is a very subtle, yet powerful spiritual journey."

"Ich fand die Vortex-Sitzung mit Ola wirklich bemerkenswert.

In der Tat, wenn ich der Erfahrung gerecht werden will, indem ich sie beschreibe, kann ich die Worte nicht finden. Es unterscheidet sich sehr von anderen Formen der Energiearbeit, an denen ich zuvor beteiligt war (z.B. Reiki).

Es ist, als ob du durch diese Vortexenergie in eine Realitätsschicht gehoben wirst, auf der du noch nie zuvor zugegriffen hast. (Aus dem gleichen Grund kann das Gehirn - ohne vergleichende Erfahrungen - es nicht ganz verarbeiten. Es ist, als würde man ein Programm auf einem modernen Computer schreiben, und dann versucht man es auf einem alten C64 auszuführen, der nicht einmal einen USB-Anschluss hat.)

Aber auch wenn das Gehirn vielleicht nicht ganz versteht, was vor sich geht, spürt man Veränderungen in Energie und Realität auf recht interessante Weise sich verschieben. Es ist eine sehr subtile, aber kraftvolle spirituelle Reise."

2018 December

I.B. Trainer / Rebalancer / Coach, The Netherlands

"Ola did a long distance Vortex healing session with me. It gave me deep relaxation and very beautiful focus on myself during the session.

After a few days we did the review and he gave me very clear and interesting insights on my starting question. More than enough to work on for now.

And I really looking forward to do more sessions with Ola in the future!"

"Ola hat eine Fern-Sitzung mit mir gemacht. Es gab mir tiefe Entspannung und sehr schönes Fokussieren auf mich selbst während der Sitzung.

Nach ein paar Tagen haben wir einen Rückblick gemacht und er gab mir sehr klare und interessante Einblicke zu meiner Ausgangsfrage/-Problematik. Mehr als genug, um vorerst daran weiter zu arbeiten.

Und ich freue mich sehr darauf, in Zukunft noch mehr Sitzungen mit Ola zu machen!"

2018 November

Jana L. Deutschland

“Ich habe den Vortex Healing Prozess als eine Meditation erfahren. Ich habe darum gebeten, die Dinge in meinem System zu klären, die mich von Wohlstand und Fülle abhalten. Ich konnte während der Session verschiedene Veränderungen in meinem System wahr nehmen.

Los ging es dann hinterher. Mein Leben konfrontierte mich sehr intensiv mit meinen destruktiven Glaubenssätzen. Ich konnte plötzlich sehen, wie ich mir mein Leben schwer machte. Ich lebe in der Fülle und mein Kopf kreiert durch negative Glaubenssätze krisenhafte Szenarien. Ich habe mich davon nicht mehr ins Bockshorn jagen lassen und mit all den Themen gearbeitet. In den letzten 2 Tagen kam es noch mal dicke und ich habe mich durch gebissen.

Jetzt blitzt immer wieder die Aufregung und Freude durch und ich kann so langsam wahrnehmen, was für eine enorme Kraft darin steckt, wenn ich mich auf diese freudigen Dinge einlasse. Ich habe mehr Zugang zur geistigen Welt, als jemals zuvor und meine Füße kommen auf den Boden.

Es war intensiv und es lohnt sich.“

Liebe Grüße,

"I experienced the Vortex Healing process as a meditation. I had asked to clarify the things in my system that keep me from prosperity and abundance. I sensed various changes in my system during the session.

Afterwards quite a ride started. I got confronted very intensively with destructive beliefs. I could suddenly see how I made my life difficult for myself. I live in abundance but my head creates crisis scenarios through negative beliefs. I don't let it drive me crazy any more and have now worked with all the themes. In the last two days it came on heavy again but I could bite myself through it.

Now the excitement and joy flashes through over and over again and slowly I perceive what an enormous strength is within this, when I allow myself to be involved in these joyful things. I have more access to the spiritual world than ever before and my feet are grounding.

It was intense and well worth it."


2018, 2019 November - February

S.K.F. Therapist, Germany

Die erste Sitzung: Spektakulär! Da taucht plötzlich ein lange verstorbenes Familienmitglied auf, ist seither als Lichtgestalt an meiner Seite.

Die zweite Sitzung: völlig unspektakulär!

Einfach nur entspannt und friedvoll. Vorläufige Ergebnis:
- mehr Ruhe und Entspannung im Alltag,
- mehr Weite & Liebe im spirituellen Erleben,
- ich schlafe viel viel besser.

The first session: Spectacular! Suddenly a long deceased family member appeared, and is since then at my side as a light figure.

The second session: completely unspectacular!

Just relaxed and peaceful. Preliminary result:
- more peace and relaxation in everyday life,
- more vastness & love in spiritual experience,
- I sleep much much better now.

Was ich für Sie anbiete

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing - angebote Formate

Formate - die Basis-Angebote VortexHealing®

VortexHealing can both be channeled directly in person and as distance healing. In person can transmit a bit more power, but you´d need to come to my place south of Berlin, Germany.

I do like to shortly get to know new clients before we do an actual healing session. This can be a telephone call, or using the communication tool called Zoom (

For a Distance Healing we also hook up by telephone / Zoom. We typically talk for a few minutes on what´s most urgent. After the actual healing transmission, we can also debrief.

Link zu der Buchungs-Seite: Buchung and Ablauf

do a "mouse over /or/ light touch" for the text to these three links.

Life Coaching with VortexHealing® and special offers

If you have “Life Questions” and are looking for a wider / further / deeper input and orientation on your own life and it´s purpose, this is the format for you. We first talk and through the VortexHealing (60 minutes), hidden information is brought to light. We spend time after the healing for understanding to land and take root within you. As a result you receive in-depth life / spiritual coaching.

Sessions in person is a format I offer after we've had some direct personal contact via telephone / Zoom.

VortexHealing also allows me to "read" otherwise hidden information in yet a different way. See "Detective Work".
Though, this doesn't work with everyone. So normally I this format offered to people I already know through a few sessions.

Link zu der Buchungs-Seite: Buchung and Ablauf

do a "mouse over /or/ light touch" for the text to these three links.

Link zu der Buchungs-Seite: Buchung and Ablauf


P. Ola Jannhov, born in Sweden, based in Berlin

P. Ola Jannhov

DJ * Soulguide * Energy Healing Wizard

I´m a DJ, entertainer, soul guide and energy healer. The underlying theme of my life is that of transpersonal evolution on a spiritual path.

Logo Delight
To delight transitions means that I delightfully support in times of evolution and transformation, to make your changeovers joyous, light and easy. Accordingly my specialty as a DJ are one time events like weddings and not so much the yearly occurring xmas parties.
Thereby I make you Move with Joy to Liberate. Liberation at a party means to be free and have an awesomely great time. Liberation in a spiritual context hints at further-reaching freedom, doesn't it?
I delight Your transitions & Move with Joy to Liberate together form my credo and this is what you can expect, as the core content of any of my work.

Ola´s life story short

I have always “enlightened and delighted transitions”, both to friends and professionally. I have 35 years of life experience with various spiritual paths, schools of mediation, progressive therapy and transformational methods. I trained with some of the world leaders in these fields, and worked professionally with dance therapy and meditation for seven years. I was on my way to become a therapeutic sex counselor, when I realized, I simply do not want to work with the heaviness of people´s problems.

Music and dancing were my first big loves, and I made the leap from serious therapeutic practice to entertainment. Since 1999 I´ve acted as a DJ, stage & event presenter and speaker, with around 200.000 people who have danced to the music I dj, or at parties I've put into the world. I have ~450 happy high class castle wedding parties to account for, and some 330 business events, including ~130 specific German Swedish events for IKEA. Add several hundreds of mixed other DJ gigs to that.

Soulguide - Midlife Evolving U Adventures

Like many other Scandinavians, I have a direct and relaxed contact with nature. This is one of the foundations of my offer Midlife Evolving U Adventures.

Energy Healing Wizard - Heal and Awaken with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

With VortexHealing® I get to play with energies in yet another fabulous way. The title Wizard is there to already now rattle your mind a bit. Please visit the site Heal and Awaken with VortexHealing®.

Education, Training

Basic stations through life

  • Born 1964, in Lund, Sweden
  • Technical gymnasium 1980 - 1984, simplified engineering exame in electronics and computer construction
  • Designed and built HiFi electronics, "things that made sounds" and invented a sound sampler (Yahama brought their first model to the market simultaneously)
  • Military service 1984, specialized in technical problem solving in complex communication facilities
  • 1990 moved to Germany. I´ve lived in Berlin, Bielefeld, Cologne, Potsdam and now just southwest of Berlin

University (I´ve been to three and have no formal degree)

  • General cultural science, sociology and history at the university of Lund, Sweden, 1985 - 1988
  • Social and business communications at the "Universität der Künste" (university of arts), Berlin, 1993 - 1994
  • Therapeutic training, specialized in sex counseling at a private, international university in the Netherlands called "the Humaniversity", 1996 -1999

Other, more classically formal trainings

  • Training in cultural marketing and management, Akademie für Kultur und Bildung, Berlin, 1994 - 1995
  • Internship, managing assistant at One World Verlag, Berlin, 1995
  • Business school and coaching training, Sage Innovations, München, Köln, 2003 - 2004

Theater and stage performance

  • Joined "Lilla teatern", Lund in 1985 (were i.e. Max von Sydow started his career)
  • Basic actors training, basic acrobatic training
  • Worked with rhythm and experimental voice expression
  • Directed and trained, very pleased to have helped a young woman into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London
  • Cultural exchange (theater) of 15 Swedes and 15 Bulgarians (Lund and Novi Pazar) 1987-1988. Played in Novi Pazar 1987.
  • Played loads of serious theater and light entertainment

Other, less formal trainings

  • Certified as dance meditation and dance therapeutic process facilitator, trainings in Denmark and India 1986 - 1991 (worked with this for 7 years)
  • Certified Vivation facilitator, training in Berlin 1992 - 1995 (the basic concept of "integration of anything appearing" will always be part of anything I do)
  • Certified Humaniversity AUM and other Social Meditations leader, since 1996
  • Landmark Education, the full curriculum, Frankfurt am Main, 2001 - 2002
  • Loads of assisting and co leading in seminars of others in various forms of personal growth, including tantra, since 1990

Lifestyle choices & my learning experiences out of them

  • Essential simplicity
  • I never really stepped into the rat race
  • I'm more into being than having
  • Meaningful doing seem to be the bridge between necessary having and essential being
  • Sometimes this bridge is as thin as a tightrope and my life is about keeping the balance. This act of life balance is then like practicing spiritual trust in everyday life
  • My vocation is that of Joy, to enlighten and delight the transitions people have in their lives
  • My favorite parties to dj at, are weddings cause that's such a beautiful transition
  • I delight transitions Midlife. Letting go of the unnecessary might be less about stuff and more about habits and believes. It's more about freeing up the inner clutter
  • I live in a simple house in the forest, but close enough to Berlin to have the goodies both of nature and the big city


Native Speaker / Voice talent Swedish

My voice has been used professionally since 2003. Please visit my native speaker site Swedish Male Voice.


Since the age of 15 I knew I wanted to do "my thing" but for many years I found it hard to get to the very point of WHAT exactly.

Work wise I found "my first real thing" in 1999 as I decided to go for entertainment in general and DJ:ing specifically.

  • I set up Colognes first smoke free and alternative disco "TanzSpass" in 2000
    It´s still rocking! (Bare foot boogie like, that you might know from the US.) Please visit TanzSpass Köln
  • In 2004 stage entertainment & event presenting was added
  • Since 1999 I´ve played at way beyond a thousand parties: weddings, birthdays, companies, television, city events .. the list is long. Please visit my DJ site DJ Ola
  • Presentation. I´m a pretty descent live stage presenter and have officially presented Sweden in the field of tourism. Please visit my DJ site DJ Ola

My catalog of "jobs for a living" is wide: newspaper man, hospital worker, bus driver, street market salesman ... I probably have forgotten some.

Some more important occupations before my "real" self employment as a Dj and presenter kicked in (as above).

  • Administration and running the office of Lilla Teatern, Lund, 1987 - 1988
  • Translating from English and German to Swedish, 1990 - 1991, 1997
  • Stage design, theater technician, Lund 1989, Side in Turkey 1991
  • Teaching Swedish in Berlin 1992 - 1994
  • Software Sidoun, the company world of architecture and constructional engineering 1994 - 1996
  • Sales of golf equipment in 2000

Some unique aspects and results in and for the world

  • Formal education in three countries
  • Been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television (and in one book) around movements, initiatives, events and parties I answer for, since my early 20s
  • Decades of professional DJ:ing, mainly in Germany but I've also played in Sweden, the Netherlands and California (since 1999)
  • Around 200.000 people have danced to the music I dj, or at parties I've put into the world
  • Brought Lunchbeat to Berlin in 2012. This included Reuters making a feature and Oprah Winfrey later reported on the phenomena of once a month going dancing in your lunch-break. We were in all major German news magazines, radio and television, under the headline of “cool work life balance”
  • Initiated a David Bowie RIP party that still is memorable to guests and to us artists that were on stage.
  • Gave my first personal growth workshop with 23, the youngest participants was 40
  • Taught Dance Mediation and Therapy for seven years (80s, 90s)
  • Been leading active, social and silent meditations for 15 years
  • Worked two years in a quite progressive German software company, that i.e. had a 30 minutes common mediation slot before lunch (90s)
  • Central presenter / speaker at Secret of Tantra´s bi-annual festivals 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
  • Presenter at the Integral European Conference “Allies of Evolution” 2018, with “Integral Dance of Life”

Personal qualities

  • Fluent in three languages
  • Lived in three countries, worked in five, and have worked with and for around 20 nationalities
  • Bridges cultural understanding
  • Advanced and progressive thinker
  • Humor
  • Dancer
  • Natural outdoors guy
  • Swedishness (which is a huge asset in Germany)


Awakening and Wizardry

Becoming a Finder and then an Energy Wizard


Spiritual work, psychology of the Buddhas, Integral spiritual evolution

  • Since 1986 regular personal and transpersonal shadow work
  • Meetings with remarkable wo/men: Osho in/since 1983, Veeresh since 1988, Cyrus 1999, Thomas Hübl since 2013, Ken Wilber since 2013
  • Merlin and the VortexHealing® lineage since 2018
  • Leading and guiding people in the use of a big variety of meditation techniques since 1986
  • ... life goes on, doesn´t it?

As a DJ I get to play with energy. The music is the carrier of energy, the guests at the dance floor pick it up and dance and have a great time.

... TEXT IN PROGRESS, as for now please visit my site VortexHealing® Heal and Awaken.


Facebook page for Heal and Awaken

My Facebook page for Heal and Awaken with VortexHealing - here you get the regular updates: heal and awaken vortexhealing