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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing
with transition coach P. Ola Jannhov * Berlin & Online

"VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awakening." (from vortexhealing.org)

Welcome to healing for awakening at Heal and Awaken

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing - the Merlin lineage

"VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awakening." (from vortexhealing.org)

What it is

In 1994 US american Ric Weinman re-discovered this ancient powerful healing art, now known as VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

The healing goes to the very heart, to the core of any issue.

VortexHealing can give you deepest possible healing, and help you become whole and liberated.

It´s a straightforward, easy and deeply relaxing process, that can be channeled at a distance worldwide or directly in person.

For details, background of VH and more, please go here: More: Divine Energy Healing

For those who

are looking for, need and/or want support & healing in any of these and related areas:

  • deep relaxation
  • relief of pain
  • physical issues
  • release of deep, vague blockades
  • free and relaxed breathing
  • smell and taste back
  • support for pets
  • mind free and vast meditative experience
  • insights & answers to one´s own major big questions
  • something absolute “new” as in never ever experienced before (opening up a fresh paradigm)
  • surprising suggestions for action (spiritual life coaching)
  • carry a longing, a yearning for genuine change
  • .. for those whom it's time to come home. Truly home ..

Can extraordinary, magical & multi-dimensional energy & consciousness channeling do this?

Well, VortexHealing changed my life in just 10 minutes (after 35 years of spiritual search). More: Ola

What it does

In general it feels energizing and aliveness & vitality returns.

You get to enjoy
Healing for Wholeness
of body, feelings,
mind, soul,
relationships and beyond;

through this deep,
nourishing & rejuvenating
Divine Energy Healing.

Let's go further and enjoy
Liberation for Awakening
through deepest
Consciousness Transformative
Healing and Meditation practice.

The Testimonials give you hints of how different this can be experienced by various individuals.

Read on below for an overview on my offers of VortexHealing.

My own training started in 2018, and I offer VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing professionally since 2019.

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing for New Clients

Are you ready to taste the divine? All you need to do is relax and receive! Done at a distance to wherever you are on the planet.

"Divine Delight" / Get a Taste of VH / € 97

  • 60 exclusive minutes for you, with 45 min of active Divine Energy Healing.
  • Evaluation and feedback.
  • One time offer (for new clients). Quick and easy to book.

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Best starter deal / three full basic sessions / € 297.-

  • Booking with basic intake ~10 min.
  • Three times ~ 70 minutes, each with 60 min of active Divine Energy Healing.
  • Evaluation and feedback talks. Sessions typically within a few days.

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Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


Short testimonial

I found the vortex session with Ola to be genuinely remarkable.
In fact, when I want to do justice to the experience by describing it,
I cannot find the words.

It’s a box of treasures, and they answer all the questions I brought to the session and some I didn’t know I had.


These categories present an overview of issues typically addressed

What is VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing good for?

People look for healing and energetic support for various, very individual reasons.
In this overview I've grouped a number of typical issues into three main categories.

VortexHealing goes well together with other forms of healing and meditation.
So if you already have some spiritual practice, please go on using it.

BodyMind & Somatic Issues

This is about you & your immediately experienced personal problems.

You might have a clear and concise problem ("my knee hurts!"). With such concrete physical ailments, you should of course see a medical professional.

woman before a lovely sunset

VortexHealing (VH) can be used to support people around emergencies, and I've had a number of clients where VH was used to prepare before an operation, and to support the healing process afterwards.
It can also be very helpful if your suffer from some longtime, irritating and "impossible" body issue, where you maybe already have tried everything and anything else. Or you want to add healing for underlying causes, like the emotional and maybe karmic (and further, even more subtle) aspects of a physical ailment.

Or it´s maybe more about the mind, the psyche, the world of too much thoughts and worries and anxieties.

wild colorful clutter

It might be about vague, unclear and confused times, when you don´t really know what´s going on, what to do, how to do it .. strange times, lost times. To some this happened with the Corona crisis.

In such times a VH session could be "heal for clarity and background information" - clearing that which both produces and holds the confusion.

Let me and VortexHealing® support you.

Relational - with other people, work, life in general - & Resilience

Many problems we have in the world is between us and something or someone else.

VortexHealing can be used to clear and unburden any relational issue. For instance between us and close people, like partners and family; us and groups of people, like work settings or the neighborhood; and the bigger relational between ourselves and life in general.

busy stressful at tube station

Stress shows up in many many forms. Beyond a certain threshold, the stress gets too much. At some point your own ability to handle stress ceases. The stress itself can become a source of more stress and then it's almost impossible to free yourself. But what causes/triggers the stress? Well, isn't it often a relation issue .. with other people, work, life at large and all those things we can not control?

impossible balanced stones

As the saying goes: “Let me have the strength to change that which can be changed, the acceptance to let that go which I can not, and the wisdom to tell the two apart."

Healthy balance and ease in life and with people, including resilience comes naturally when our relationships are cleared.

Let me and VortexHealing® support you with this.

Consciousness & Meditation

Mindfulness, Consciousness & Meditation practices stretches us further - both inwards to our most inner-selves and outwards towards the bigger, the transpersonal, the cosmic, the divine (however you call this).

So this evolution is both very individual and very generic - at the same time. Paradoxical, isn't it?

two golden sparks circling through dark space

This spiritual domain of methods for consciousness growth, expansion & meditation and beyond, is a rich place with many many offers. Some are thousands years old, some utilizes the most modern technology. By now there is scientific research into "awakening": the "fitting method" at the "right time" seem to be the key.
With the right fitting method, within days or maximum weeks some or even considerable consciousness opening / widening / deepening should be noticeable.

mysterious cave with sunlight coming in

VortexHealing is remarkably helpful as it goes well along with any other healthy method (and it can quickly reveal the dys-functionality of any weird eso-BS).

To me, with VortexHealing, it took 10 minutes for a life changing transformative break through - after some 35 years of spiritual search (more in my personal story).

So why not let VortexHealing® also support you?

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


What do clients (and I) say?

Testimonials overview

Short testimonials on the issue of relaxation

True deep relaxation is a life issue to me – it just doesn't happen.
But during the Vortex session, I was as relaxed as I have never ever been before – in my whole life.

The session with Ola was deeply relaxing.
Went into theta space which is always very inspiring.
Lost every sense of time and space. Thank you!

Why should you enjoy VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing?

Summaries of feedback from my clients:

  • Deeply relaxing and pleasant
  • Immediate relief of pain
  • Release of deep, vague blockades
  • Relaxing out breath and deep relaxed breathing
  • "My cat's playing again!" (Yes, VortexHealing also works very well for animals.)
  • Mind free, vast meditative experience
  • Insights & answers to one´s major big questions, with
  • surprising suggestions for action
  • Absolute “new” as in never ever experienced before, opening up a fresh paradigm
  • generally energized and aliveness & vitality returns
  • READ MORE Testimonials

Personally VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing has revolutionized my life

– an authentic turn for true spiritual unfoldment.

As VortexHealing came into my life after over 35 years of spiritual-therapeutic search, a lot changed quickly:

  • Returned sense of meaning & direction
  • Self-healing possible
  • Healing and integration of issues – also of stuff I didn't even know about
  • Freedom from deep and strongly limiting believes
  • Joy returning
  • Finally mediation has become a regular and persistent expansion of silence and awakening
  • Giving sessions is just great!
  • I guess I could write a book .. there is so much to tell ..
  • READ ON More: Ola

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


How does it actually work, practically?

Formats and Booking and some Specials


hands handing over a red heart

Typically, you will book a number of sessions. The prices are as indicated (a bit below on this page: Booking & Prices).

A session takes around 70 - 75 minutes. One session a week is often a good start.

What is your concern?

You as the client set the focus, and one of my first questions to a new client is "what is your concern?"

I´m thrilled when a new client then starts out: "I have this problem .. and I don´t know .. but do you think VortexHealing could be used to help me?"

The answer is Yes. Not always, but almost always.


Pre-session talk

In a pre-session talk, before your first actual VortexHealing®, together we deepen and clarify your concern and the focus of the session/s.

In a world of specialists, and super specialists, I well understand that some people have conserns about a healing art that is said to be universal; how can VH heal so broad & wide, like almost covering anything?
Well, wholeness is essentially one, so the direction is already set, so to say. I suggest you have a look at this page More: Divine Energy Healing, that addresses "behind the scenes" concerning the Higher Intelligence of VortexHealing®.

Special sessions with reduced prices

The first three full sessions are fundamental. They will deeply prepare your system, getting valuable basics of your energy system optimized and quite some quirks are taken care of. Already these three sessions will be deeply transformative. And then we can go really deep ..

I have also some specials in offer, with reduced prices. With these sessions the focus of the healing is clear and set already from the beginning.
These offers have their own pages, please check here: ImmuneBoost and this page: A taste of Manifesting Intention

Link directly to the Booking page: Booking & Prices

Examples of special issues, that VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing can be targeted for

The following are some "teasers" (presently 9) to give you an idea of the scope of what VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing can be used for.
Please know, that VortexHealing is though much much .. so much more!

if they move automatically, do a mouse over to stop and read
Teams & Teamwork

Teams & Teamwork

Resolving conflicts in teams

Entangled and quarrelling teams ... where nothing works anymore.

Within teams that can make a difference, people are often karmically connected - but this can also get in the way mightily!

VortexHealing can work wonders here (see the Testimonials vom July 2023).

If this is your interest, please contact me directly.


Booking & Prices Page
Life Coaching

Life Coaching with VH

Life Coaching with VortexHealing®

If you have “Life Questions” and are looking for a wider / further / deeper input and orientation on your own life and it´s purpose, this is the format for you.

We have coaching talks and I use VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing to bring "the hidden" to light. We also spend time after the channeling of VH for reflection so that understanding can land and take root within you. As a result you receive remarkable in-depth life & spiritual coaching. Often there are concrete steps of action involved.

Booking & Prices Page

ImmuneBoost special

Boosting your Immune system

Boosting the Immune system - deeply - with VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

If your are currently acutely ill, that will be the focus of the healing session/s.

Possible healing effects: -Freer breathing -Smell and taste returning (after Covid) -(immediate) relief of current complaints, such as pain -A "stuck" illness (like a hanging cold) get´s activated to heal .. and maybe more.

ImmuneBoost page
Infections & Allergies

Infections & Allergies

Infections & Allergies treated with VH

This focus has some similarities with the offer "ImmuneBoost", but it´s also quite different.

If you've had looong time problems in these areas, you might have lost hope to ever get rid of them.

The "ImmuneBoost" could be said to be more about short term and even acute issues, and "Infections & Allergies" is more about long time issues. But because of the similarities, please also have a look at the "ImmuneBoost" page for some background thoughts and input.
"Infections & Allergies" are though not price reduced but paid fully.

Booking & Prices Page
Death & Dying

Death and Dying

Farewell to the Dying & Dead

As you or someone close approaches death or has recently passed away (hours, few days),
guidance for the after life journey can be given.

I use VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing for karmic unburdening, combined with readings from Wulf Mirko Weinreich’s “An integral Book of the Dead”, a modernized version of the traditional Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Please ask for prices.

Booking & Prices Page
Mama & Papa

Big Mama & Papa release

Advanced - the Big Mummy & Daddy release

This is some of deepest clearing I offer:
deeply clearing the whole relational stuff of your Mum & Dad from your system.

You really can´t know where they´re still "sitting", influencing you.

Advanced means you´ll first have had a number of sessions before this.

Booking & Prices Page

Epigenetic touch up

Advanced - Epigenetics and Genetics

Epigenetic touch up and Genetic modification or optimization might sound "too wild" or unethical.

Though, if the universe is first and uttermost an expression of consciousness through information, evolving as energy and stabilizing as matter, then also the genetics and epigenetics  can be influenced by the Higher Intelligence we call VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

Often it´s channeled concerning susceptibilities and as prevention towards long time diseases, and for longevity.

Booking & Prices Page
In Person

VortexHealing® in person

VortexHealing® in person (w/w-out Life Coaching)

You are in the area of Berlin and would like to work with me and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing in person?

Great! Please contact me and let´s see what´s suitable.

These sessions cost a bit more, since they typically involve more time than any distance sessions.

Booking & Prices Page
Detective Work

Detective Work

Detective Work / Distance

Something really strange happened, and you´re wondering if there is some deeper or hidden information available?

We have a talk.
I have a look.
We have a second talk.

Paid afterwards. The amount depends on how much time I needed to put in. From € 49.- and upwards.

Booking & Prices Page

Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax



P. Ola Jannhov, born in Sweden, based in Berlin

Ola´s life story short

P Ola Jannhov

I have always “enlightened and delighted transitions”, both to friends and professionally.
I have 35 years of life experience with various spiritual paths, schools of mediation, progressive therapy and transformational methods. I trained with some of the world leaders in these fields.

I worked professionally with dance therapy and meditation for seven years. I was on my way to become a therapeutic sex counselor, when I realized, I simply do not want to work with the heaviness of people´s problems.

Music and dancing

Music and dancing were my first big loves. I made the leap from serious therapeutic practice to entertainment. Since 1999 I've acted as a DJ, stage & event presenter and speaker, with around 200.000 people who have danced to the music I dj, or at parties I've put into the world. I have ~470 happy high class castle wedding parties to account for, and some 330 business events, including specific German Swedish events for IKEA. Add several hundreds of mixed other DJ & Presenting gigs for private, companies, institutions and Sweden officially to that.

This part of my life experienced a full stop in the Corona year 2020 .. but the page is still there: DJ Ola (in German).

Energy Healing Wizard

With VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing I get to play with energies in yet another fabulous way. The title Wizard is there to rattle your mind a bit.

P. Ola Jannhov

Transition Coach & Healer

I´m a Transition Coach & Healer (and a former DJ).

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing changed my life in just 10 minutes – an authentic turn for true spiritual unfoldment.

As VortexHealing came into my life and revolutionized it (after over 35 years of spiritual-therapeutic search), a lot changed quickly:

  • Joy returning
  • Returned sense of meaning & direction
  • Freedom from deep and strongly limiting believes
  • Healing and integration of issues – also of stuff I didn't even know about
  • Mediation has become a regular and persistent dropping into stillness and awakening
  • Wonderful tool for self-healing
  • Giving sessions is just great!
  • I guess I could write a book .. there is so much to tell.


To check my educational and work background, please click (or scroll down)

The underlying theme of my life seems be that of a spiritual path with transpersonal evolution.

The person in the world, who people meet, calls himself a Transition Coach, Healer (and a former DJ).

Where this outer and the inner meet, where you and I meet, is symbolized by the logo with the text:
I delight Your transitions - Move with Joy to Liberate

To delight transitions means that I as delightfully as possible support in times of evolution and transformation, to make your changeovers joyous, light and easy.

Accordingly, as a DJ, my specialty has been transitional events; one time events like weddings & the birthdays with a "0"; and for companies the events like new openings and major anniversaries (and not so much the yearly occurring Xmas party).

Thereby I make you Move with Joy to Liberate. Liberation at a party simply means to feel good, free and have an awesomely great time.

Liberation through the Divine Healing work of VortexHealing®, and in spiritual contexts, hints at different, further-reaching freedom, doesn't it?

I delight Your transitions & Move with Joy to Liberate together form my credo and this is what you can expect, as the core content of any of my activities.

I delight Your transitions & Move with Joy to Liberate together form my credo
and this is what you can expect, as the core content of any of my work.

It took decades to find a fitting symbol / logo. Similar to the zen circle, it's an open loop. It's a Moebius ribbon (with it's playful magic) and a symbol of the infinite. Further it can bee seen as a moving "propeller" when the extremes and opposites of the dual are let free ... do you see the latent energy? And, of course, forgetting one's shoe laces can be deadly serious, so the logo also reminds us to tie them.

Read on here More: Ola


Remember: all you need to do is to receive and relax


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